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TrackMania One is the first and only project aiming for fully custom environments in ManiaPlanet made by the community. While we’re working on re-creating original environments from former TrackMania games, we now have opened a new development branch which allows us to realize our own dreams and work on high quality environments to play on.



Don’t take our word for it – here’s what players say

TMOne is a prime example of how powerful ManiaPlanet’s community tools really are. The collaboration between talented 3D-modellers, asset creators, map makers and scripters revives nostalgic moments and expands them beyond infinity.


Professional Player and Streamer

Crafted from the wish of having United environments on a modern platform, this team built up themselves with the greatest people of the whole TrackMania community behind it and created really great projects like TrackMania One: Speed and TrackMania One: Alpine, the most accurate remakes on actual high game-studio quality. They’re always listening to the community and bring them exclusive content you’ve never seen before. A great team with great projects.


Media Artist

TrackMania One is the perfect combination of old school environments and new possibilities of ManiaPlanet, the feelings/physics are so similar and the blocks are so well worked. I’ve never seen a staff team like that before, they listen carefuly the community, correct the bugs fast as possible… they try to make the best quality for a way better gameplay. I’m really proud to be part of that big project as an artist/mapper which is probably the biggest and the better titlepack you’ll see on ManiaPlanet !


Graphic Artist

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Discord is the platform that connects us all. Players, developers and testers. You’re invited to join us on our official Discord server to either get in touch with us, other players or gain access to upcoming titlepack closed betas.


Latest News

Don’t miss out on news about the project! On our website, we’ll publish the most relevant news about upcoming environments, betas and much more!

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