Speed Platform Campaign: Out now!

We’re happy to announce that our Platform mode update for TrackMania One – Speed has arrived!

After more than a year silence around our fresh Speed environment – you are now facing new solo challenges to beat!

Our talented community has once again gathered to create a new official campaign: Platform! This highly anticipated classic gamemode made its comeback with the Alpine environment two years ago, so now it is time to explore the new playgrounds in Speed.

Have fun on 25 extremely challenging campaign tracks and try to finish them with the least amount of respawns. Who will climb the ladder first?

If you want to get a first impression, make sure to check out the neat new trailer by PuriPictures!

About the Platform mode

Some of you might remember the classic Platform mode from older TrackMania games. The formula is easy: Finish the tracks while trying to not respawn. Time does not matter at all.

With our first Platform campaign for Alpine we introduced our own reinterpretation of the mode, adding an Author medal. While you usually got the Gold medal for having 0 respawns, you can now get the green medal by finishing with a low amount of respawns within a certain time. This adds back the race aspect of TrackMania and allows the players to have competition between each other.

This time, we’ve been flexible with defining the medal conditions connected to the respawns. The harder the maps get, the more respawns you can have to still reach a certain medal. Throughout the 25 new maps, you will be prepared for the final challenge: E05. This community collaboration pretty much sums up the concept of Platform. You will see!

Thanks to all participants

As always, players from our ambitious community have gathered to create the tracks – under the lead of eyebo and Sparkster!

We want to thank all the creatives who were involved with the process – by either creating tracks, testing or giving feedback in other ways. You guys rock!

Make sure to check out the credits screen in the Speed titlepack to see all participants.

Have a lot of fun!

We don’t want to keep you from playing now – so feel free to grab the latest version of the titlepack and enjoy the campaign!

See more about the Speed environment here.

Please let us know what you think about the tracks and if you spot bugs, make sure to report them! 🙂
Connect with us on our Discord server.

We will keep you updated with content over the next months and can hopefully launch the beta 2.0 of TrackMania One – Bay soon!


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