UNBITN gets a new look!

Hey! It’s been some time since you heard from us.

Today is a great day for us to announce an important step for the shaping of our identity and also the project – Trackmania One!

Since early 2021, we are working on our main project, the Bay environment, again. Huge progress has been made regarding the planning of the environment, its identity and general features to enhance the user experience. We’re working on the project at full speed but also kept in mind to show you what we have so far. Keep your eyes open on our social media channels to see some teasers soon!

To reinforce our identity as a little group of creatives and our representation in the community, we decided to get rid of our initial style we set in October 2018.

Our fresh new design will bring changes to all of our media channels as well as future posts and videos.
Have a look at the changes in a nutshell!

We’ve also got a new, fluid looking intro for future videos on our YouTube channel.

The old assets pack has been updated with new media, now including the new UNBITN logos. While we were at it, Bay also received a new color identity with a more vivid blue color. This way, it will represent what we have in mind for the environment and atmosphere.

A website rework with better and more structured information about us, our project and more reliable links is planned and will arrive until summer!

Download the assets pack here

We’ll let you know about our current progress soon! Stay tuned.


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