We know you might have some questions left to be answered – so we tried to wrap up some commonly asked questions and explained the backgrounds!


UNBITN has got a bunch of main members. They are mainly working on the actual titlepacks and managing the community. Tasks such as creating new 3D models, programming things and working on maps are daily routine. There’s also a few team guests. They are helping out on smaller tasks and the ‘right hand’ of the main developers.

No, we are completely independent and not officially working together with the original game developers, but we have got recognition and support as in promotions before. However, some individual members of UNBITN are and have worked for Nadeo independently before on other matters.

Our work is entirely free, but we do accept donations in order to be able to cover our server cost and other asset fees.

UNBITN as a team is currently only working on Trackmania One. Everyone of the team members may have their own individual projects unrelated to Trackmania One though.

About Trackmania One

TrackMania One is based on the ‘titlepack’ system coming with the gaming platform ManiaPlanet. A titlepack can be seen as game-extension or DLC. You can directly download it in-game and immediately start playing. However, to be able to access our work, players need to have acquired the corresponding base games first.

ManiaPlanet is like a small game launcher, containing the Trackmania² & Shootmania franchises. Each of the official games (for example TM² Lagoon or Canyon) are accessible via their official titlepacks (like a DVD you insert into your PC). Titlepacks can be opened by putting them into a station (tile) first. Once you bought at least one official game, you will see a big grid of those stations, many of them still empty. Titlepacks can also be created by players to distribute content conveniently, and Trackmania One works exactly this way.

Example scenario: If you have purchased TM² Valley, you can download Trackmania One – Alpine from the titlepack store in-game. Then, click on an empty station and load the titlepack (which is presented as a DVD case in the corresponding selection menu). If you want to play Alpine, click on the now-filled station and launch the titlepack. Easy!

The project is divided into up to 6 game-extensions, also called ‘titlepacks’. Each environment included in the original game by Nadeo (Speed/Desert, Alpine/Snow, Rally, Island, Coast and Bay) would have a separate pack and can be downloaded independently from other titles. This way you only have to download what you want to play!

An environment in broader sense can be seen like an own game in the TM universe. It is characterized by an unique art style, block set, gameplay and more.

In order to launch Trackmania One titlepacks, you need either TM² Valley (for Alpine and Speed), TM² Lagoon (for Bay) or both to access potentially all of our environments.

Indeed! You are able to get a glimpse of community made TMOne tracks and the environment’s gameplay when any of the TMOne programs are live on the TM² channel. This is a rotating server system that allows even demo users to play for a limited time every day.

The currently released Trackmania One environment remakes are Alpine (‘Snow’ in TMU) and Speed (‘Desert’ in TMU), being followed by Bay soon.

We decided against continuing to deliver remastered environments after the release of Bay for several reasons. While this might be sad to hear for some players who hoped to play the other environments too, we can refer to two other community-made projects which remaster(ed) Island and Rally.

If you want to see what Island in ManiaPlanet looks like, check out the project by Arkady. The mentioned Rally remake by Plantathon is currently a WIP.

Coast might be the only environment not being ported in the end. We worked on a first Trackmania One – Coast prototype in early 2018 but then decided to stop the development in favor of Bay and the 2.0 versions of Alpine and Speed.

One of the first previews shared in April 2018

Each of our environments gets released with a base Race campaign of 50 tracks, created by the community. We’re gradually adding more content however, for example Platform mode campaigns. More track related content is expected to be released over time.

The race campaign, consisting of 50 tracks, follows the principles of Trackmania’s simple ‘TimeAttack’ mode. All you do is race against the time and even other player if you like.

Our platform campaigns do not focus on time mainly. The aim is to finish with the least number of checkpoint respawns, but this sounds easier than it is! The race time is recorded as well in order to give you an Author medal in case the has been beaten.

To choose a different skin, head over to the ‘Skins’ tab at the top bar in the main menu. You will have a bunch of skins to choose from while some can only be selected if you are flagged as donator.
The preview tab lets you view the skin in two perspectives and all 4 day-times to get a proper impression.

No, we currently do not have such features because of technical restrictions from Nadeo. You will only be able to select skins presented by us in the titlepack natively.

The skins not marked as free are exclusive for donators. To be able to use them, select a plan on our Patreon page and once the donation is set up, let any of the admins on Discord know. You will then be added to the list of eligible players quickly.

Enabling this option in the titlepack settings will give you another menu when you click on the editors tab. This menu is provided by the base game and essentially offers the same possibilities, but not optimized for TMOne. We added this option for the case of script errors and debugging purposes and do not recommend using the legacy menu.

We are always happy about reports which can be adressed. This goes for new ideas and suggetions as well. Feel free to use the bug-reporting channels on our Discord server.

Bay uses a lot more complex geometries and the 3D trees add a lot of GPU load. We are aware of that issue and found some settings to improve that. You can reduce your shader to “Nice” instead of “Very Nice”. This will not reduce the graphic quality much after all. You can also disable water reflections because we have many water surfaces on several levels. This should rapidly increase the framerate as well.

About the Track editor

The twist in our titles is that “Blocks” are technically ingame “items”. You will find them over at the items-menu by clicking the tree icon in the tool bar or hitting F4. Other than that, they behave pretty similar to official blocks provided by Nadeo.

Macroblocks are groups of track elements (so blocks as well as items) and can be saved to quickly place whole groups of those elements at the same time.

In our case, macroblocks help you to prepare a track. We tried to simplify the process: You will find a “void” macroblock in each of our titles to delete the ground surface from the entire track. Once this happened, another macroblock can be placed which adds our own ground surface. This way, we “convert” the game’s original track base with our items powered base. Once these macroblocks were placed, you are able to delete individual ground tiles and begin placing TMOne blocks to build your track.

About the Converter

The Converter currently supports Alpine, Speed and Bay.

All games released prior to Trackmania² are supported. That includes TM1.0, TMPU, TMO, TMS, TMU and TMUF.

However, since TrackMania Original has some special map base sizes, some tracks may not work in TMOne. We are limited to square map bases with a size of 48×48 blocks.

TrackMania Sunrise tracks may need to be re-saved in Trackmania United in order to work with our converter.

If you decide to convert a ‘PF’ track to Trackmania One, you will likely get the same track, but certainly the flow will be broken. This is due to tiny physics differences between the older games and ManiaPlanet’s vehicle physics engine.