Our Project – TrackMania One

Our main project is called “TrackMania One”. We are constantly working on new content, environments and community events.

Our aim with TrackMania One is to re-create all so-called “environments” from former games of the TrackMania franchise. Out of 6 environments (Snow, Desert, Rally, Coast, Island and Bay), we currently have 1 finished and playable environment and two more are being worked on right now. Go check it out in the ManiaPlanet store!

While our environments are based on actual TrackMania¬≤ games, created by Nadeo, we’re adapting the graphics engine to resemble the same look and atmosphere as it has been present in the former games. Since the main spirit of TrackMania is the creation of tracks, the track editor is also the core element of TrackMania One titlepacks. We’re recreating each block of an original environment in order to make the re-building of tracks possible. Besides all the original and improved blocks, we also offer dozens of exclusive blocks, such as slopes, deco objects, new road sets and more.

Each of our environments/titlepacks does include a polished campaign of 50 tracks, created by the community!

The menu and general user interface is designed to be looking good, provide a good user experience and work perfectly. We are working on new user content tools, such as importing and selecting car skins, creating and sharing own map packs and campaigns and much more!

Our polished main menu including community news.

Endless possibilities to have fun alone or online.