About Us

If you haven’t heard about unbitn studio yet, you might want to know who we are, right?

We are creating game extensions for the TrackMania game franchise, based on the gaming platform ManiaPlanet.

It all started with the idea of TrackMania One. After the successful project “TrackMania¬≤ Snow” by florenzius, in July 2017 the little project began with the first environment, Alpine. It was a less accurate remake of the Snow environment from TrackMania United (2006) and it has been released in October 2017. More development and eventually the environment “Speed”, a remake of the Desert environment of the same game, has been released in July 2018. With the time, the developers and lots of crew guests and friends formed the new development studio called unbitn (unbeatn).

Our main project is still the development of TrackMania One. We’re constantly working on new content, environments to arrive in ManiaPlanet and community events.